Il futuro dell’edilizia: scegliere la prefabbricazione sostenibile

The future of the building industry: choose sustainable prefabrication

Manni Green Tech operates in the market of quality prefabricated structures, offering the construction of modular and scalable buildings using lightweight steel structures, which can be combined with hot rolled steel structures for special projects and can be implemented with different kinds of high-performance envelope solutions.

Prefabrication featuring the use of lightweight metal structures is based on digital design and production processes. Prefab Buildings achieve important results in terms of waste reduction, minimization of waste at construction sites, improvement of working conditions and quick construction times. These buildings stand out for being anti-seismic and for their energy performance and material recyclability.

The future of the building industry

Our team specializes in designing and developing steel structure buildings, based on our specific CFS system (Cold Formed Steel), which is often combined with hot rolled steel structures for customized solutions. We have developed modular solutions for prefab buildings where times, costs and quality are determined and predictable; moreover, we can assist our customers in special projects in order to find the right solution and optimize costs and quality in order to meet various requirements. 

We can offer qualified support, from project design to implementation, thanks to a qualified network of internal and external partners, capable of offering services with high added value.

Choose sustainable prefabrication

We focus on the needs of the market and of present and future buildings, which is why we support our customers throughout all phases, paying attention right from the beginning to management issues concerning the building during its entire life cycle. 

We are a technological partner that can develop not only a steel structure solution but also the whole envelope, meeting all deadlines and the logistics needs of each construction phase; we work together with our partners to implement construction works. 

Our services


Support the customer from the early design phases to find the technological solutions that best meet the needs of the specific project. MGT qualified technicians involved in the final design phase are a valid support in combining the best technologies and.
Thanks to integration with latest generation software MGT engineer can quickly and accurately produce structural calculations for buildings.


Thanks to the careful design and digitisation of processes, structures are produced with maximum precision and quality. Construction times can be significantly reduced thanks to the millimetric precision of factory production. Each structure and coating component is studied in detail by the latest technology system to match perfectly.
Great attention is paid to the choice of materials and their supply to meet construction site needs and provide the best possible service to customers during construction.


Respect of times and construction quality through the qualified network of on and off-site installers. Clean, safe, rapid construction site thanks to the attention paid to materials and coordination of activities with production the integrated logistics service, can follow the needs of each customer.


Supervision by qualified personnel during construction check on site activities. Supervisor has also function of trainers for the installer.

Work Management and Maintenance

Integration of building monitoring systems is possible thanks to BIM design. Information can be gathered throughout the life cycle of the structure, facilitating routine and extraordinary maintenance operations.

Dismissioning the building

Thanks to attention to materials and tracking information, when the building is decommissioned it will be possible to operate safely and recycle and reuse significant amounts of the materials used.

AD Dal Pozzo

At the heart of the AD House project you can find AD Dal Pozzo, historic brand of the Italian interior and living design. Dealer of the most important brands in the international furniture panorama, AD Dal Pozzo is also designer, consultant and partner, in prestigious projects regarding hotels, residential and commercial areas.

The concept of AD House , which today is a structured and actionable institution, arose from this irreplaceable experience.

While imagining and giving life to the AD House, the best AD Dal Pozzo know-how was given: an open, advanced, concrete and global vision; the ability to imagine, conceive and realize homes and luxury environments, comfortable and classy, taken care of up to the furniture smallest detail, with the utmost attention to the taste, the standards and the expectations of a selective and demanding clientele.

In AD House’s houses structure you find the technology of Manni Green Tech, the Manni Group company that researches and develops new technologies to construct real estate, industrial and commercial units in prefabricated anti-seismic and sustainable in cold formed steel (CFS). Manni group is the authentic Italian benchmark point of construction, plus it is one of the world leaders in terms of innovation and steel processing. With over 70 years of experience , 3 business units and 6 societies, Manni Group does not only dominates the market of pre-worked steel elements, but it also studies, produces and sells high quality products and advanced design services. Manni Green Tech know-how is the result of an extensive research through the best market analysis and ensures the most advanced and reliable steel structure for each AD House project.

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