Construction system and technology

Description of the construction system

Green construction is not just a trend: it is a responsibility. Architects, builders, designers and entrepreneurs increasingly require tools and resources to improve the environmental performances of buildings. Manni Green Tech supports the construction industry in its efforts to create sustainable commercial and residential constructions.

Green construction is not just a trend: it is a responsibility.

All this is possible thanks to the use of cold-formed galvanised steel structures, a consolidated construction technique worldwide, despite being little known outside the professional building sector.

Thanks to its high potential and to some regulatory action concerning aspects related to structural quality, energy saving and living comfort, it is definitely spreading in the world.

Cold Formed Steel or CFS is the term most commonly used to identify the profiles produced by cold bending or profiling of thin steel sheets used in the aforementioned structures.

Think modular… design free

The cold-formed steel frame is a versatile structural product for use in load-bearing structures and curtain walls, in the construction of floors and roofs, for trusses and internal non-load-bearing partitions. Floor extensions, as well as raised parts, can easily be created on existing buildings.

Design versatility

Steel structures can be used independently or with other structural systems. Furthermore, the steel structure can also be adapted to many traditional applications built with hot-rolled structural steel, wood, masonry or other conventional materials.


The construction system developed by MGT is structurally flexible and achieves excellent performances. Thanks to solutions studied, important energy saving needs are met, ensuring excellent internal comfort, even in different climatic areas. This thanks to the design support of Manni Green Tech technicians who can recommend suitable solutions based on an area’s climatic conditions.
The whole is completed by plant technologies integrated with renewable energy production systems to obtain high annual energy savings and high energy building certification.

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